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PS-60KX Axle Truck Scale Non-NTEP

PS-60KX Axle Truck Scale Non-NTEP " FREE SHIPPING "

PS-60KX is an ideal scale to check truck weights for reference (non legal for trade applications). It consists of two 7' long x 3' wide scales and 4 ramps. Set up as a auto-start it weighs what ever is put on the scale, when the weight stabilizes you pull forward and do that again until you have weighed the entire Truck/ Trailer. The total weight will be summed up by the individual readouts. With PS-IN202SS indicator, the individual axle weight and the total weight will be recorded automatically.
Package includes Two scales + four ramps set (each 30,000 lbs capacity)
Deck plate Size: 36" x 84" x 6" (each scale) Each weighbridge is constructed with 150% overload protection and 1/2" thick steel.
8 large sealed load cells, Stainless steel NEMA junction boxes with signal trim board
15' load cell cable, 8 adjustable swivel steel feet
PS-IN202SS indicator and PS-25 thermal / label printer
Package configures and calibrated with 12000 divisions
One-year limited warranty, Made in USA by Selleton, 2 Week Lead Time
Free Shipping lower 48 states to Commercial address with Loading Dock,
Some Rural or Remote areas my have additional costs

Price: $4,950.00


Digiweigh DWP-30K Truck Axle Scale W/Printer/Indicator - 122

Digiweigh DWP-30K Truck Axle Scale W/Printer/Indicator - 122" OVL, CALL FOR AVAILABILITY

Digiweigh DWP-30KAXLE is the heavy duty portable axle scale set and an economical alternative solution to full size truck scales. Design for weighing Trucks,tractor trailers, dump trucks, tri/quad axle trucks Weighing less than 30,000lbs. It is very easy for the installation and simple steps for the operation as well. Scale size 32"x122"x5.5"H with Ramps 30,000lb per set, ship weight 2070lbs, MUST SHIP BY TRUCK- CALL FOR QUOTE

Price: $4,095.00

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OPTIMA OP-923 Portable 60K Truck Axle Scale 7' + Ramps OVL 11'

OPTIMA OP-923 Portable 60K Truck Axle Scale 7' + Ramps OVL 11'

7' x 30" Optima Heavy Duty Axle Scale 60,000 lb x 10 lb W/Ramps 30" Wide
Optima Scale's OP-923 axle scales are used by law enforcement agencies, trucking companies, militaries, scrap yards, waste transfer stations and other transport businesses for quick, effective and dependable gathering of axle, group and gross vehicle weight. The ruggedness and modular design make them ideal for locations where large permanent scale installations are not feasible. Includes a Pair of Platform Scales and Ramps and OP-903 Indicator with Printer. Ships by Truck Weighs Approx 2400lbs

Price: $4,550.00


Optima OP-923 Portable 60k Truck Scale 14' x 30

Optima OP-923 Portable 60k Truck Scale 14' x 30" Plus Ramps With Indicator/Printer

Includes Optima 903 Indicator/Printer in Protective case, Battery Operated
Used to minimize risk of overweight fines and ensure trucks are not
underloaded for maximum productivity
Large weighing surface and low profile for vehicle weighing
Heavy duty I-Beam construction with threaded top plate
Four premium water tight alloy steel nickel plated load cells
Low profile 5.75” height for smooth drive on/off
Load cell capacity is 2.2 times the scale capacity for overload protection
14' x 30" of Weighing Surface, overall Length of 18' with Included Ramps
50’ quick connecting cables (2) for hostile environments
Can be used with ramps for above ground installations or flush with
concrete for a pit installed permanent application
Durable platform with treading for tire grip, Powder coated paint finish
Florklift portable, Factory Calibrated, Overload Protection
1 year warranty on parts
Call for Shipping Quote

Price: $8,540.00

OPTIMA OP-903 Indicator with Printer

OPTIMA OP-903 Indicator with Printer

> Accurate and Fast Response Time Indicator
> Connects up to 4 signals
> Can be used for variety of different applications like axle weigh pads
Mild steel enclosure with carrying case
1" LCD display with backlight
Functions: Zero, gross, net, accumulation, printing, counting, check weighing, auto-hold
Units: lb/kg selectable
RS-232 output
Operates on 110V AC adapter and rechargeable battery

Price: $420.00

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Truck Scale 60K Ramp Portable OVL 132

Truck Scale 60K Ramp Portable OVL 132" FREE SHIPPING

Maximize the efficiency of your fleet and avoid costly overload fines with this model. The TS60-730AW provides the ability to accurately weigh vehicle axles. These truck scales have a digital Stainless Steel SS700 indicator that has an accumulation feature that totals the axle weights on the screen (Included). Also Included is the Indicator Stand. The system configuration includes twin weighbridges that are manufactured from high strength, structural steel. Overall Lenght 11' x 30", Weighing Platforms are 7' x 30". Each weighbridge contains four sealed load cells that are proven reliable under adverse operating conditions. Battery Options for Remote Locations also Available. There are no moving parts to wear out or adjust, thereby ensuring years of trouble free operation.
Relocate this scale easily with a fork lift. All Componets are watertight for outdoor environments.
Must ship by Truck, Call 800-693-3353 FREE SHIPPING LOWER 48 STATES

Price: $5,975.00

Indicator & Printer Images

AX900 Truck Axle Scale System 160004-RFX  11' NTEP Class IV Enforcement - Call for Ship Quote

AX900 Truck Axle Scale System 160004-RFX 11' NTEP Class IV Enforcement - Call for Ship Quote

4 - 5.5' Pads with 4 Ramps
80,000 lb. Total Capacity
Accuracy of ±1% of Reading
NTEP Class IV Enforcement
11' x 32"w 3.6" w Ramps 18"l
Digital Wireless
Aluminum Construction
Ship Weight 1350lbs Truck Ship Only

Price: $20,525.00

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AX900 Truck Axle Scale System 160015-RFX 7' NTEP Class IV Enforcement - Call for Ship Quote

AX900 Truck Axle Scale System 160015-RFX 7' NTEP Class IV Enforcement - Call for Ship Quote

60,000 lb total Capacity
Accuracy of ±1% of Reading
NTEP Class IV Enforcement
7' x 32"x 3.6" h Ramps Measure 18"
Digital Wireles
Aluminum Construction
Ship Weight 750lbs Truck Ship Only

Price: $12,454.00

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This high capacity scale makes weighing ultra heavy loads a breeze. Earth movers, mining trucks and off road vehicles can now monitor their loads at the site. Each platform of the MS450-60 (600,000lb capacity) weighs only 3,400 pounds and can be picked up with a small crane. A truck can transport it from one weighing site to another. The scale is inherently precise. With firmly packed support and the vehicle leveled, error is typically less than ±0.5%. A field installation may be set up in less than an hour, but may degrade system’s accuracy to 1%. The GP1200 digital indicator operates from 12, 120 or 220 volts and can be plugged into an automotive power source. Jumbo size L.C.D. display indicates both wheel weight and axle weight.
•Light Weight Portable Scale
•Highest Accuracy
•Stainless Steel Load Cells
•Fully Electronic For Reliability
•Simulator For Checking Calibration
Rated load is designed so that no reasonable combination of operating conditions will cause this scale to be damaged when the load is below the rated load. Maximum safe load is designed for the rated load.
Effect of tires overhanging the scale pads: There is no effect due to tires overhanging the edges of the scale pads, subject to cautions above. If the load is off center so the tires extend more than 10 to 12 inches off one side, there may be local overloading which could damage the scale. No error in reading will occur unless the scale is permanently damaged.
Available in capacities from 120,000lbs/60,000kg to 100,000lbs/50,000kg. Sold in Pairs. RAMPS SOLD SEPERATELY, CALL FOR SHIP QUOTE AND CURRANT PRICE


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