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Truck Scale 60K Ramp Portable OVL 132"

Truck Scale 60K Ramp Portable OVL 132

Maximize the efficiency of your fleet and avoid costly overload fines with this model. The TS60-730AW provides the ability to accurately weigh vehicle axles. These truck scales have a digital Stainless Steel SS700 indicator that has an accumulation feature that totals the axle weights on the screen (Included). Also Included is the Indicator Stand. The system configuration includes twin weighbridges that are manufactured from high strength, structural steel. Overall Lenght 11' x 30", Weighing Platforms are 7' x 30". Each weighbridge contains four sealed load cells that are proven reliable under adverse operating conditions. Battery Options for Remote Locations also Available. There are no moving parts to wear out or adjust, thereby ensuring years of trouble free operation.
Relocate this scale easily with a fork lift. All Componets are watertight for outdoor environments.
Must ship by Truck, Call 800-693-3353

Price: $6,070.00

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