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Truck Scale

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On-Board Truck Weight Checking & Loading Scales

Our New Easy to Install On board Truck Scales with Hand Held Indicator

Portable Truck Scales For Sale

Truck Weigh Scales for Sale, Several of Our Portable Scales for Trucks are capable of Weigh in Motion. We offer Certified Truck Weight Scales and Weighbridge Truck Scales. Our Portable Scales for Trucks Include Axle Scales and provide Truck Axle Weights on each axle and will total all axles on one Indicator. Also provide weight on each side of Axle so one could balance their load. Axle Scales Weigh any Vehicle including Semi Tractors with Trailers and their Load. These portable scales to weigh Trucks provide accuracy and portability.

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Truck Weight Scales

Truck Weight Scales

Portable Truck Scales Save on Overload Charges. Know before you go!

Clackamas County issues $44,435 fine for overweight load

DAMASCUS – Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Nikolai was sure the tractor-trailer rig hauling a big excavator exceeded the 13-ton weight limit placed on South Bakers Ferry Road since the recent slides

Portable Ramp Scales

Portable Truck Scales providing accurate weighing to the Truck Industry. Our portable truck scales for sale come in many styles and for several purposes including Portable Ramp Truck Scales available in different lenghts so one could either way one axle at time, or several axles at time.
Our portable pad truck scales come in several configurations, depending how many Truck Scale weighing pads, one may weigh from one axle up to 3 axles. A Portable Truck Scale can save money on over weight fee's, by providing truck axle weights. The portable truck scales can help save wear and tear on equipment, to assist in not overloading equipment, also the portable truck scale will also save our roads from overloaded trucks. The portable truck scale can be used as safety equipment to keep trucks and their loads within safe guidelines

How Portable Weigh Scales Work

Portable weigh pads are low profile truck scale systems that have a simple flat surface weighing platform in which trucks drive over to calculate the load weight. When trucks drive on to these surfaces it displays and records the weight on a remote terminal.
At the core of each of these pads is a highly sensitive truck scale load cell. This load cell measures the weight and transmits the data to a remote terminal through a physically connected cable. These load cells are protected by durable casing and has two ramps on each side. The ramps make it easier for the trucks to carefully drive on to the middle of portable truck weigh scales. This why this form of truck scale is often called a portable wheel weigher system.
In order to measure the gross weight of a truck, all the axles need to be measured separately. Once the terminal records the weight of the axles, a simple addition gives out the total gross weight of the vehicle. A farmer who already knows the empty weight of the truck, its easy to calculate the net weight of the goods carried. We offer Truck weigh scales for sale.

Scales4less - Scale | Truck Scale

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