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This high capacity scale makes weighing ultra heavy loads a breeze. Earth movers, mining trucks and off road vehicles can now monitor their loads at the site. Each platform of the MS450-60 (600,000lb capacity) weighs only 3,400 pounds and can be picked up with a small crane. A truck can transport it from one weighing site to another. The scale is inherently precise. With firmly packed support and the vehicle leveled, error is typically less than ±0.5%. A field installation may be set up in less than an hour, but may degrade system’s accuracy to 1%. The GP1200 digital indicator operates from 12, 120 or 220 volts and can be plugged into an automotive power source. Jumbo size L.C.D. display indicates both wheel weight and axle weight.
•Light Weight Portable Scale
•Highest Accuracy
•Stainless Steel Load Cells
•Fully Electronic For Reliability
•Simulator For Checking Calibration
Rated load is designed so that no reasonable combination of operating conditions will cause this scale to be damaged when the load is below the rated load. Maximum safe load is designed for the rated load.
Effect of tires overhanging the scale pads: There is no effect due to tires overhanging the edges of the scale pads, subject to cautions above. If the load is off center so the tires extend more than 10 to 12 inches off one side, there may be local overloading which could damage the scale. No error in reading will occur unless the scale is permanently damaged.
Available in capacities from 120,000lbs/60,000kg to 100,000lbs/50,000kg. Sold in Pairs. RAMPS SOLD SEPERATELY, CALL FOR SHIP QUOTE AND CURRANT PRICE


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