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TRUCKWEIGHT Onboard Wireless Scale Systems

TRUCKWEIGHT Onboard Wireless Scale Systems

Truckweight Scales are a accurate, affordable way to eliminate overweight fines,
check weighing fees, out of route miles, and increase productivity by reducing time
re-working loads. Smart Scale also eliminates complicated installation, maintenance, and
downtime associated with hardwired onboard scales.
Based on temperature and pressure changes in your vehicle’s air suspension,
Smart Scale calculates axle weight and gross vehicle weight measurements that are
accurate within 0.3%. With our dual point calibration process you will never be wondering again
how accurate you are when leaving a job site. Sensors to fit most suspension configurations.
Air Suspension Sensors, Mechanical Suspension Sensors, both with Wireless Transmitters to a Hand Held Weight Display.
Has a Range of 500 FT and stores 2000 Trailers.
Do-It-Yourself Installation With No Wires to connect, Smart Scale is simple to install.
Mount the sensor to the vehicle's frame and connect to the suspension system. You're ready to calibrate your scale.
Smart Scale can be simply installed on any type of commercial truck, including off road heavy application
dump trucks, mining trucks, and rail cars. Wireless sensor can be powered by Truck/Trailer power or Batteries.

Call for Pricing and Applications 800-693-3353 M-F 9-5

See Installation Video

Total Price: $1,548.00

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