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Portable Truck Scales

Portable Truck Scales

Collection of tried and tested Portable Truck Scales. Call our knowledgable staff if you have questions 800-693-3353. Phones available M-F 8-6 Central time.
Shipping Scales

Shipping Scales

We offer Shipping Scales, CAS Digital Scales, Retail Scales and Counting Scales. Postal Scales, Mail Scales Postage rate calculating Scales, Shipping Scales. Tor-Rey Price computing Scales, Retail Scales, Legal for trade scales. Health-o-Meter Physician Scales, Home bath Scales, and Wheel chair scales. Heath-o-Meter scales are top of line and will last for years and years and are our choice for the medical scale industry. AMW Pocket Scales, CD Scales and Stealth Scales, DIGI Counting Scales & Chatillon Hanging Scales.
Our Price Computing Retail scales rapidly and accurately provides single piece weight per pound and total amount to charge making it the perfect scale. Our Retail Scales and Price Computing Scales, include Mechanical and A/C & Battery operated for remote areas with out electricity and For the Farmers Market type of Retail Locations.
We have a brand new cd scale that looks like a triple cd case, but is a 500gram scale and many other stealth scales accurate to .01 gram. We also have the Detecto, Mettler Toledo, and Seca line of products.

Digital Scales, Postal, Doctor, Shipping and Bathroom Scales

Thanks for Stopping In. If You Have Any Questions? call 800-693-3353. We are here Monday thru Friday 9-5 Central. No answering machines or phone loops, live friendly people ready to help.

All Our Products Are NEW, from New Stock! Most shipped the same or next day! Guaranteed 30 day lowest price, 110% of the difference, with valid offer.
Make No Mistake, We want your business.
Great Prices & Service Since 1983.

Crane Scales

Our Crane Scales rapidly and accurately provide hanging weight up to 100,000 lbs. We also feature Counting scales, Hanging Dial Scales, include Mechanical & A/C & Battery operated for areas without electricity and for the Farmers Market Retail Locations.
All the Digital Retail Scales are legal for trade scales, Except the Mechanical Hanging scales (available in class IV or class III). We Have a Retail scale with a cash register like feature that will accumulate price for several different items.
We offer a large selection of Price computing scales, retail scales, physician, and baby or infant scales.
Heath o meter scales are a well known and will last for years and years and are our choice for the medical scale industry. We also have the CAS, Detecto, Mettler Toledo, Seca and AMW line of products.
We also have a new scale that looks like a triple cd case, but is a 500gram scale.

Counting Scales

Take a look, great selection, bottom line pricing with great service. If you are looking
for a Counting Scale, count on Us.

Retail Food Deli Scales

Food Deli Price Computing Scales ,Take a look, great selection, bottom line pricing with great service

SOLAS Container Weight Verification

Starting July 1, 2016, the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Treaty will require all ISO containers to have a verifiable gross mass entered into the ship’s manifest prior to loading. This international treaty amendment comes in the wake of several at-sea disasters resulting from overweight and improperly balanced containers; impacting the loading of all containers at all ports world-wide, container shippers are ultimately responsible for verifying and providing the gross mass number.

Through our Weighing Systems partners for compliance, offering several turnkey solutions that are straightforward and worry-free. The industry preferred and recommended method for verifying ISO containers mass is to weigh the entire container, once sealed, to provide a total verified mass, with the added benefit of relevant center of gravity and container balance data. Rice Lake offers several products that make this possible, including:

Twist lock sensors for crane spreaders and mobile equipment attachments
Load pin and load sensor solutions integrated into overhead cranes
Below-the-hook crane scale and tension link solutions
Forklift scales
Truck scales and rail scales
And much more
Our products can integrate into existing port handling equipment and management systems, providing minimum interruption to operations and seamless merging of data.

Starting July 1, 2016, unverified containers cannot be legally loaded. Failure to comply will result in fines and penalties throughout the logistics chain as well as costly delays and interruptions. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact us today and I will be happy to discuss options to ensure compliance with this new treaty amendment.

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