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Scale Weighing Systems PCS Digital Dual Range Price Computing 60lb

Scale Weighing Systems PCS Digital Dual Range Price Computing  60lb

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Look no further than the Scale Weighing Systems SWS-PCS Series for all of your Portable Price Computing Scale needs. With nearly all of the features of a fully loaded Label Printing Scale, the SWS-PCS Series can accomodate the job for a lot less $$$. Perfect for selling Produce at a Farmers Market, Jelly Beans in a Candy Store or weighing Roast Beef and printing a Package Label in a Butcher Shop.
The SWS-PCS Series is NTEP (Legal for Trade) and available in 2 Dual-Range Capacities, 30 lb and 60 lb for more precise weighing for almost any product. Unit readability in lbs, oz`s and kgs is standard in both capacities as well as Dual Displays, Front (for the Operator) and Rear (for the Customer).
With the ability to program up to 265 PLU`s with 9 direct (Address: 1-9) thru the Keypad or with the Software (included) and print a label with the "Item Name", "Bar-Code", "Packed On" and "Sell By" Date, "Price/lb", "Total Weight", "Total Price" as well as the "Store Name" on a Standard CAS #8010 or #8040 Label using the optional Godex DT4 Label Printer.
Bar-Code Format is User Select-able from 14 preset Bar-Code Formats to ensure compatibility with most POS Systems.
Capacity- 30kg / 60lb / 1000oz
Division- 0-15kg: 5g / 15-30kg: 10g
0-30lb:0.01lb / 30-60lb:0.02lb
0-400oz: 0.2oz / 400-1000oz: 0.5oz
Max Display Weight- 30.09kg/60.18lb/1004.5oz
Tare range- 15kg / 30lb / 400oz

Price: $189.00