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SWS-7911 CRANE SCALE 6k to 40k

SWS-7911 CRANE SCALE 6k to 40k

The SWS-7911 Series Crane Scales is ideal for a variety of overhead industrial weighing applications including Shipping & Logistics, Machine Shop, Recycling and More!

The SWS-7911 is AC/DC and features a built in, long lasting (approximately 80 hr ) battery life between charges. A Bright Red 1.5" high LED display makes the display easy to read even in low light areas from a distance. The SWS-7911 also features a wireless remote with a hold function.

The SWS-7911 is available in 4 capacities: 6K, 10K, 20K and 40K and can meet all of you overhead weighing needs.
These Weigh Between 27lbs and 1040lbs additional shipping charges may Apply depending on Model

Total Price: $500.00


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