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Intercomp LP600 Wheel Scale RFX Wireless

Intercomp  LP600 Wheel Scale  RFX Wireless

Low-Profile, Lightweight, Digital, Self-Contained Wheel Load Scale!

This scale is designed to maximize legal payloads with concern for violations and reduction of maintenance due to overload stress on equipment.
Weighing a mere 49lbs/22kg and only 1.5"/38mm high, this sturdy, all aluminum, fully electronic, self-contained wheel load scale is capable of weighing loads up to 30,000lbs/15,000kg with an accuracy of +/-1%.
The 20K x 50lb is NTEP Class IV Enforcement. The scales are battery operated and have a Built-in Solar Charger.
Jumbo size, 1"/25mm LCD display is readable from 25 feet/8 meters and automatically illuminates during use in low light conditions.
It is possible to connect up to 32 of these scales to obtain axle weights and you can view wheel weight or total weight from the interconnected scales at any location. MADE IN THE USA, 1 Year Warranty