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Highland Portable Precision Balances

Highland Portable Precision Balances

Adam Highland balances have what it takes for basic lab work, field use and various industrial applications.


15 weighing units
Zero Tracking
Backlit LCD display
Capacity tracker
ShockProtect overload three-point protection
Can be stacked for storage (120mm pan size only)
Lock down mounting slot for Kensington™ type lock
Removable draught shield (120mm pan size only)
Stainless steel pan
Non-slip adjustable levelling feet
Below balance weighing with hanger
Easy access to the rechargeable battery
Colour coded, sealed keypad
Dual tare keys
RS-232 and USB interface
Handical manual internal calibration with built-in mass
External calibration
Auto power off
Low battery indication
Full range tare
DC Adapter

Percentage weighing
Parts counting
Below balance weighing
Weight accumulation

Model Capacity Readability Platform size
HCB 123 120g 0.001g 4.7" Ø / 120mm Ø
HCB 153 150g 0.005g 4.7" Ø / 120mm Ø
HCB 302 300g 0.01g 4.7" Ø / 120mm Ø
HCB 602H 600g 0.01g 4.7" Ø / 120mm Ø
HCB 602 600g 0.02g 4.7" Ø / 120mm Ø
HCB 1002 1000g 0.01g 4.7" Ø / 120mm Ø
HCB 1502 1500g 0.05g 4.7" Ø / 120mm Ø
HCB 3001 3000g 0.1g 4.7" Ø / 120mm Ø

Total Price: $248.50

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