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Health o Meter 2650KL Digital Wheelchair Dual Ramp Scale

Health o Meter 2650KL Digital Wheelchair Dual Ramp Scale

Compensating for movement is critical to weighing patients in wheelchairs. That's why this scale has the exclusive technology to do just that. Extremely durable, with state-of-the-art technology, these wheelchair scales are must-have for any longterm and acute-care facility. Each precision instrument is designed to provide accurate, reliable and repeatable weight measurements and features that make the weighing process simple, fast and convenient. The scale is set up to use motion-sensing weighing technology, to determine the actual weight of moving patient. The scale may be changed to measure live weight. Special needs patients require our Pro Plus series of high capacity scales. Our handrail, chair, wheelchair, and stretcher scales take accurate weight readings of limited mobility or wheelchair-bound patients while ensuring their safety and comfort. Our large platforms accommodate range of wheelchair sizes.

BMI, Manual Tare, Zero, Auto-Off
EMR connectivity through USB and serial port
Increment: 0.2 lb/0.1 kg
Max weight of 1000 lb/454 kg
Motion-sensing weighing technology
Platform Dims:32.25" x 35.75"
Ramp Size: 10" X 32 1/4

Price: $2,353.00

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