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Digiweigh Crane Scale DWP-10000C2X 10k x 1lb

Digiweigh Crane Scale DWP-10000C2X  10k x 1lb

The DWP-C2X series Crane Scales are designed specifically for heavy duty industrial use. While the DWP-C2X can handle up to 10,000 Lbs, the accurate from 1Lb to 10 pound. The series is equipped with the following extraordinary features:
Excellent accuracy for load size
Romote control for long distance
Hook open size is 2" and above
High quality alloy steel strain gauge load cell system
Equipped with a wide-screen, high contrast LED display. Backlight ensures clear readouts even in bright daylight or low light conditions. LED display operates via a rechargeable battery or 110V power cord – both are included.
Programmable alarm feature alerts operator when capacity or desired weight is reached. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes for loads to be properly adjusted, and saves your company money.
it can increase the efficiency of both industrial and shipping elements within a business. Both units make excellent use of available technology to help improve employee efficiency and save your business money where it counts most.

Price: $635.00

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