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TUFBOOK Wireless Weighing Indicator

TUFBOOK Wireless Weighing Indicator

TUFBOOK Wireless Weighing Indicator by Tufner Weighing Systems

The TUFBOOK Wireless Indicator allows you to convert your current wired scale system into a complete wireless set-up. This powerful indicator has the ability to give you an all-in-one station for weighing, printing, data collection, and much more. All you have to do is connect a Tufner RF Box to your scale, and another RF Box to your TUFBOOK indicator. Very simple set-up. The TUFBOOK is ideal for Wireless Weighing, Multi-Channel Weighing, Axle Pads, Truck Scales, S-Link Load Cells, Boat Weighing, Trailer Weighing, and other Scale Platforms. Ask about our customizable indicator software.

* Tufnerfs ultra heavy duty Tufbook indicator is our solution to easy cable free and customizable wireless scale weighing
* It offers the highest performance in its class along with the worlds most rugged design
* Drop shock protection (MIL-STD-810G)
* IP65 dust tight and water resistant certification
* The Toughbook offers an integrated webcam and DVD player
* Sunlight-viewable 13.1h brilliant 1200 nit touchscreen
* Full magnesium alloy case with handle
* 18-hour battery life
* Standard backlit keyboard


* Waterproof NEMA 4X Enclosure
* Comes in two options:
. Low frequency (up to 300 ft) and
. High frequency (up to 1,000 ft)
* Designed to IP65 of IEC 529 and NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, 12 and 13 specifications
* Silicone rubber gasket makes this ideal for outdoor use in a wide range of adverse conditions
* UL Listed to UL508-4x specifications (File E194432)
* Plastic PCB mounting bossesw
* Durable, impact-resistant UV Stabilized Polycarbonate material

* Printer
* Customizable Indicator Software
* Rubber Keyboard Cover/Seal

*Does not include RF Boxes. Sold Separately.

(800) 693-3353