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Optima OP-923 120k Portable Truck Scale 24' x 30" Plus Ramps With Indicator/Printer

Optima OP-923 120k Portable Truck Scale 24' x 30

Includes Optima 903 Indicator/Printer in Protective case, Battery Operated
Used to minimize risk of overweight fines and ensure trucks are not
underloaded for maximum productivity
Large weighing surface and low profile for vehicle weighing
Heavy duty I-Beam construction with threaded top plate
Four premium water tight alloy steel nickel plated load cells
Low profile 5.75” height for smooth drive on/off
Load cell capacity is 2.2 times the scale capacity for overload protection
24' x 30" of Weighing Surface, overall Length of 28' with Included Ramps
50’ quick connecting cables (2) for hostile environments
Can be used with ramps for above ground installations or flush with
concrete for a pit installed permanent application
Durable platform with treading for tire grip, Powder coated paint finish
Florklift portable, Factory Calibrated, Overload Protection
1 year warranty on parts
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Price: $12,990.00