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OPTIMA OP-929 Alleyway 84"x30" 5000x1LB

OPTIMA OP-929 Alleyway  84

Portable Scale , Hog Scale, Sheep & Cattle too.
OP-929 84"L x 30"W Scale and OP-900B Indicator Livestock Scales
Large platform to make a complete alleyway Scale
Legal for trade: NTEP CC 10-081
Heavy duty to accomodate most animals
Motion sensing technology for accurate livestock weighing
Built-in 6" ramps and 4" high side rails, 28 degree Entry and Exit Ramps
NEMA 4 stainless steel NTEP LCD display with rechargeable battery
NEMA 4 stainless steel junction box
Warranty: 2 years on platform, 1 year on electronics
FREE SHIPPING LOWER 48, Some Restrictions Apply ship Weight 350lb
Residential Delivery not Included

Price: $1,185.00