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RFX Wireless Handheld Indicator

RFX  Wireless Handheld Indicator

Intercomp’s Handheld Weighing Indicator works with the AX900 ramp scale, LP600 and PT300 pad scales, it provides the ability to easily process weight related data for monitoring and controlling loads. USB/RS232 output ensures weight records can be stored and downloaded in a variety of ways. Control Scale Functions Directly from the Indicator
Control Scale Functions Directly from the Indicator
Communicate with up to Six Scales with a 300’ (90m) Line of Sight
Easy to Use Indicator Shows Weights in a Variety of Ways
Store & Recall Up to Ten Arm Records & Offers Continuous & On Demand Print Outputs
Display Lock to Save Indicator Preferences for Future Weighings
0.5" (13mm), Backlit, Display Characters
Offers a ‘Read-Only’ Selection for Use in Tandem with Other Indicators
Standard AA Batteries Last up to 40 Hours

Price: $875.00