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PS-60KX Axle Truck Scale Non-NTEP " FREE SHIPPING "

PS-60KX Axle Truck Scale Non-NTEP

PS-60KX is an ideal scale to check truck weights for reference (non legal for trade applications). It consists of two 7' long x 3' wide scales and 4 ramps. Set up as a auto-start it weighs what ever is put on the scale, when the weight stabilizes you pull forward and do that again until you have weighed the entire Truck/ Trailer. The total weight will be summed up by the individual readouts. With PS-IN202SS indicator, the individual axle weight and the total weight will be recorded automatically.
Package includes Two scales + four ramps set (each 30,000 lbs capacity)
Deck plate Size: 36" x 84" x 6" (each scale) Each weighbridge is constructed with 150% overload protection and 1/2" thick steel.
8 large sealed load cells, Stainless steel NEMA junction boxes with signal trim board
15' load cell cable, 8 adjustable swivel steel feet
PS-IN202SS indicator and PS-25 thermal / label printer
Package configures and calibrated with 12000 divisions
One-year limited warranty, Made in USA by Selleton, 2 Week Lead Time
Free Shipping lower 48 states to Commercial address with Loading Dock,
Some Rural or Remote areas my have additional costs

Price: $4,950.00